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Urnex Tabz Coffee Brewer Cleaning Tablets (30)

Urnex Tabz Coffee Brewer Cleaning Tablets (30)

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TABZ Super Concentrate Coffee Brewer Cleaning Tablets are specifically designed to offer the functionality of one-step cleaning for coffee brewers and servers. By running a brew cycle with a TABZ tablet in the basket, users can simultaneously clean both the brew basket and server beneath. Additional TABZ may be used directly in servers to quickly clean systems with multiple vessels.

As an added safety feature, TABZ tablets contain a blue dye which helps insure proper rinsing in busy service environments. We believe that TABZ represents an exciting new delivery concept and hope to build on this innovation in our efforts to help you continue to serve the best tasting beverages possible.

  • Dual application tablet optimizes portion control and cleaning.
  • Cleans brew basket and server in one simple step.
  • Blue color insures proper rinsing.
  • Tablet format eliminates dust, waste, and operator error.

Urnex TABZ Coffee Brewer Cleaning Tablet Instructions:
Coffee Brewers and Servers: Use Daily.

  1. Place one TABZ per 64 oz (2L) in brew basket.
  2. Run brew cycle into server and hold.
  3. Discard solution and remove any residue.
  4. Rinse all parts with clean water.
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