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Hario V60 Server 02 - Black

Hario V60 Server 02 - Black

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Made of ultra-high quality borosilicate glass, the V60 coffee server has two measuring lines (cups and ml). The server partners perfectly with any V60 dripper making it easy to brew coffee for up to 6 people.

This server has a simple and attractive glass design, and is suitable for home or cafe settings. The Hario V60 range server has a cool touch plastic handle which ensures that no matter how hot the beverage is inside, the heat from the glass server will not transfer to the handle.

Dimensions: (W) 137mm x (D) 121mm x (H) 128mm


- Borosilicate glass
- Microwave-safe
- Dishwasher-friendly
- Easy to clean
- Capacity of 600ml
- Made in Japan

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