Coffee Education & Cupping Workshop

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For groups of four or more, contact us to arrange a time that best suits you!

Coffee Education and Tasting - Like Wine Tasting, but for Coffee!

Are you:

  • Looking to widen your understanding of coffee?
  • Looking for a team building or corporate event that's hands on and a bit different
  • Wanting to experience different flavour profiles for buying beans for home?
  • Wanting to expand your knowledge in order to enhance your coffee experience?


Then Coffee Education and Cupping is for you. Each session comprise of a brief background of the coffee growing, processing and roasting process. Then into the good stuff - a cupping session, tasting an array of coffees, each with their own distinct flavour profiles.  Put yourself to the test and see how many different flavours you can identify!  There is no right and wrong answer - cupping is very subjective and this is supposed to be a lot of fun! The first and only rule is, not to take yourself too seriously!


We offer:

  • 1 hour coffee cupping sessions
  • Flavour notes and profile marking sheets are provided
  • Cost: $50 per person with a minimum of 4 people per session.  Payment in full will be required to secure your place
  • Time: Contact us to make a time that best suits your group - we're happy to arrange a time that best suits you.


Grab your social club, book club, friends, family or work team and come put your tastebuds to the test.