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Barista Workshop

Barista Workshop

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Arrosta Coffee's comprehensive barista training programme caters for the home barista and the industry professional.  The training facility simulates a commercial café environment.  Workshops are tailored for each group and cover key aspects of espresso preparation.  The barista trainer has extensive industry experience and will explain and demonstrate the following:

·       Green beans and where they come from

·       The operation of the coffee roaster

·       The workings of the coffee grinder

·       Dosing and tamping technique

·       Extraction of espresso

·       Steaming milk and pouring techniques

·       Presentation of all espresso drinks

·       Cleaning of espresso machines

·       Cleaning of counter and work space

·       Problem solving


Upon completion you will receive:

·       An Arrosta Coffee Barista training Certificate

·       250g Arrosta coffee beans

·       The Arrosta Coffee training manual/cheat sheets

·       A coffee drink voucher

·       The ability to pop into the Arrosta Coffee Espresso Bar to discuss any coffee related concerns you may have with our barista staff.  We believe an ongoing relationship is essential to support you in your coffee making journey.  Besides, we just love to talk coffee!

Training Workshops run for approx. three hours on a Saturday morning from 8am to 11am.  For groups of 3 or more, individual times can be arranged.

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