Again Again Cup Deposit Lending Scheme

Again Again Cup Deposit Lending Scheme

We know that our planet is the most important thing which is why at Arrosta Coffee we are committed to doing everything we can to reduce our global footprint. Small actions can initiate big change and when it's this easy to help the earth, why would you not?  

Drink coffee and save the planet at the same time! We are happy to offer our customers, a cup lending scheme as an alternative to single-use takeaway cups.  Unlike our biodegradable and compostable single use cups - most of which are never recycled or composted, this cup lending scheme designs out waste by providing a fleet of reusable stainless steel cups available by deposit and return, enabling coffee drinkers anywhere to save the planet with every convenient, guilt-free sip.


 We believe with just a 20% customer uptake at our Coffee Roastery at 42 Victoria Ave and the Coffee Container at 138 Kaimanawa St, the number of single-use biodegradable/compostable takeaway cups that could be diverted from landfill each year could reach 20,000 in the first year. Take a look below at how many cups that actually is!

A lot more than you'd think, huh!  

How does the scheme work?

  1. Customers order takeout coffee as normal and ask for an Again Again cup.
  2. They pay a fully refundable $3 deposit to check out the cup.
  3. They drink their coffee and return the cup at their convenience to any café in the Again Again network nationwide, getting their full $3 back, or simply swap the cup for a clean one next time.
  4. If they forget the cup, they pay the $3 to borrow another cup.  At some point in the future, they can bring the whole stack back and get a refund of all of their deposits. It's that easy! 

Pop into the Roastery or Coffee Conatiner and ask any one of our team how to get involved - they will be more than happy to help you help the earth! 

Want more info? Click here to read more and #choosetoreuse

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