Closing the Loop - Cup Composting

Closing the Loop - Cup Composting

Exciting news on the block, Arrosta Coffee has teamed up with the Palmerston North City Council to reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfills from our single use takeaway coffee cups. Our takeaway cups are completely biodegradable and compostable, however we know that a lot of the time our cups unfortunately don’t end up in the right facility to be correctly broken down.

While offering reusable cups to our customers as the better option, we know that takeaway cups are still the preferred for some! So to try and reduce the waste that comes from takeaway cups, all used single use cups are picked up from our Roastery weekly, taken to the Awapuni Resource Recovery Park, to then be broken down and repurposed back into compost.

Last week we were able to visit the park and see where our takeaway cups go to break down. It was so awesome to see the process and then the finished product, produced by a zero waste process. This really is the definition of closing the loop and we are extremely happy, that with the support of the Palmerston North City Council, our takeaway cups are moving full circle. 

Every week our used takeaway cups are collected from the Roastery by the PNCC and taken to the correct facility to ensure they are broken down.  So next time you're in, look out for the labeled bin to put your takeaway cups in and help us help the earth!


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