Arrosta Colombia Exotic Danilo Perez S/O

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This delicious single origin boasts notes of strawberry, cacao, red wine, cinnamon and orange!  

Finca La Cabana is a farm 20 hectares in size and is located in the mountainous region of Pital, Huila in Colombia. Danilo Perez is the owner of this farm and through an internship program hosted by Cofinet, Danilo learnt how to process his green beans in a variety of unique methods. For this lot of beans, the cherries were placed in Grainpro bags and CO2 was added to ferment the cherries anaerobically. The cherries were fermented like this for a whopping 200 hours and then placed on raised beds until the ideal moisture content was achieved. 

During peak season, Danilo's farm can have up to 100 employees. He is recognised as a good employer and a great creator of jobs for coffee pickers. Although young, Danilo has already made a name for himself as one of the best producers in his region! 

This exotic single origin is available in 250g and 500g bags only.