Clever Dripper

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Brewing great coffee in a consistent and convenient manner has never been easier! 

By using the Clever Dripper, you immediately avoid all problems caused by inconsistent pouring. Worry no more about blooming time, water pouring speed, water pouring amount, water pouring position, water pouring angle, hand pour stability, turbulence and agitation amount, pour stage strategy, channeling, etc. You only need to focus on brewing time, water temperature, coffee grind amount, coffee grind size and water amount. It is so much easier to adjust the setting and get desired results. 

The steep-and-release methodology that Clever Dripper adopts is basically immersion and drip combined. It is very easy to extract well. All you need to do is pour the water and set the timer. Do other things in between. Come back and release the coffee. Super simple and foolproof! 

Clever Dripper takes Filtropa No.4 Filter Papers.