Silver medal winner 2019 Australian International Coffee Awards - Filter Coffee Category

Bronze medal winner 2016, 2018 & 2019 Australian International Coffee Awards - Milk Coffee Category

One thing sells more coffee, and that is good coffee.


Sell more coffee and increase your bottom line.  Industry training ensures your staff know how to make exceptional coffee drinks. 


Because we all need a reminder or refresher from time to time we have two industry workshops for you and your staff to choose from.  We highly recommend completion of workshop 1 before completing workshop 2:

  • Workshop 1 - Key elements to making great coffee
  • Workshop 2 - Techniques of preparing milk and understanding the range of coffee drinks

Groups are limited to 6 people max and cost $40 incl gst per person.  Email us here to book a time that suits you and your staff or Contact Us if you have any queries.


'Workshop 1 - Key elements to making great coffee' covers all the basics of making great coffee including:

  • Stock rotation and management
  • Keeping your equipment clean and how not doing this can impact your customers' coffee experience
  • Using your grinder as more than just a front of house tool - maximising grind to roast profile and enhance fresh bean flavour
  • Dosing and volumes
  • Techniques and Tips of Tamping


'Workshop 2 - Techniques of preparing milk and understanding the range of coffee drinks' includes:

  • Preparing milk in consistency and temperature and the use of different types of milk
  • Discussion and practical session preparing a range of coffee drinks
  • Presentation and latte art


Fresh Beans

Fresh is always best.  Ensure your beans are rotated every 10-14 days.  We are happy to supply more often so that fresh beans are being served at all times.  It makes a huge difference to the flavour and your customers' coffee experience.


 Clean Equipment 

So, you have freshly roasted coffee beans, why run them through unclean equipment with a build up of oils and grime?  Doing this will guarantee a dirty flavour and an 'undoing' of the roast profile.  Ensure your equipment is cleaned regularly and cleaned well.


The Volume, the Tamp and the Grind

The three key elements to making exceptional coffee.  These elements to making great coffee must be consistent.  Your grinder is not just a tool, it is a key piece of equipment in making great espresso.


Preparing the Milk

Poorly prepared milk can ruin the experience whereas exceptional milk compliments the hard work of extracting the perfect espresso, and can bring the customer back again and again.