Bronze medal winner - 2016 Australian International Coffee Awards

Arrosta House Blend, Milk-based coffee category.

The Arrosta Crew

Arrosta Coffee Roasting Co is owned and managed by Simon and Kirsty Fowler with a team of knowledgable and enthusiastic staff that love what they do.


Simon - Owner

Some would frown at his handicap, but Simon is proud of his 5.7!  When he's not on the golf course or researching the next course to play, Simon looks after the Account Management, Technical service, Barista Training and Business Development here at Arrosta Coffee Roasting Co.  Working with people is Simon's strength.  Simon also moonlights as wannabe comedian, of which some of our customers can attest.

With 29 years of account management and business development in the retail and hospitality industry Simon is well placed to help home barista's make exceptional coffee and our trade customers grow their businesses through providing exceptional café experiences.




Kirsty - Owner  BBS HRM, PGDipSportMgt

As an attempt to re-live her youth, Kirsty plays Masters hockey and, planning for the time when she is put out to pasture, is also working on her golf game.  Kirsty is involved in local networking groups, as she values the importance of building and maintaining relationships for successful business growth. She also likes to contribute back to the local community and does so by working on the LUCK venue Trust Board.

Kirsty has been a Business Manager for an Accounting firm and has worked with businesses over the past 14 years in a business planning, growth and project management capacity to improve performance.  Kirsty is a passionate foodie and  looks after Production, Marketing, Projects, Admin and our Café Consultancy offering.


Chris - Barista Extraordinaire, Roaster 

Born and bred in Palmerston North, Chris has been in the hospitality industry for just a wee while (sic) and has now found his niche here at Arrosta Coffee Roasting Co by being involved the front of house, account management and production functions.  

Very passionate about coffee from the green bean to a perfect, finished brew, Chris now has the opportunity to focus new found energy to learning even more about the wonderful coffee scene.  When he is not working or competing in the local Barista Champs, you will find Chris in the hills hunting and fishing or, training for the craziness that is, endurance racing events.

 James - Barista Extraordinaire, Roaster

Born in Dunedin, grew up in Palmy, worked in Auckland and has returned home to study.

With just on five years professional experience in the busiest Cafes and Roasteries in Auckland, James has held roles as barista, coffee roaster and everything in between.  You will find James working front of house, Monday to Friday and brings the best parts of the Auckland coffee scene to seamlessly fit with the best bits of our local coffee culture - achieving a winning combination.  With a background in jazz you might hear a chilled out tune played every now and then!




Kat - Barista and Customer Service Aficionado

WIth 3 years experience in bustling cafes and 7 years in the hospitality industry (with a bit of plastering in between), Kat has spent the last 2 years working in the Wellington cafe scene.  Born and raised in Kapiti, relocating to Palmerston North feels much like home for Kat.  

In her spare time Kat's hobbies are eclectic, ranging from hunting to reading and even a little bit of modelling thrown in the mix - just to keep things interesting!



Jamie - Food Gal and Barista

Jamie is our very able Barista-in-waiting and food guru.  Jamie hangs at University this year and sees the opportunity to add the skills of barista and food prep to her CV.   A fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, sandwiches, and good music, when Jamie isn't at the Roastery, she is either travelling or completing her undergraduate BA degree majoring in Social Anthropology.

Jamie is currently a member of the NZ U21 Croquet squad aiming for selection at the World Champs in the UK in 2018.



Ella - Social Media Guru and Girl Friday

Rolled out mainly on a Saturday, Ella is our go-to girl, happy to undertake the tasks that no one else has time to do - the most valued role in the business! 

When Ella is not working, you can find her on the hockey field either for the PNGHS 1st XI or, as a budding young photographer. trying to capture that perfect shot   Athletics is also something Ella excels in as well as travelling and enjoying time at the beach and tramping in the ranges.

Shania - Food Gal and Customer Service Apprentice

With an ambition to one day own her own cafe, Shania has recently entered the hospitality industry with an open mind, willingness to learn and energy to burn!  

Born and raised in Palmy with a passion for all things Japanese and motor sport, in season you can find Shania at the Speedway track, at a car meet or simply watching a good game of footy. Returning from a recent once-in-a-lifetime trip to Japan, Shania brings knowledge of Japanese cuisine, culture and the occasional Japanese sentence.